Vee Neal Aviation (VNA)
currently operates a fleet of 12-passenger corporate-configured BAE Jetstream 31s on our 135 Air Carrier Certificate. VNA has become a specialist in economically transporting individuals and groups, featuring stand-up cabins, fully-enclosed stand-up lavatories, hot and cold beverage refreshment centers, high-end leather seating and abundant baggage capacity. A hostess is available upon request.

Our Jetstream 31 fleet is particularly well-suited for golf outings. Its seating capacity accommodates three foursomes and its external baggage pod and rear baggage compartment easily handle twelve sets of golf clubs and overnight baggage when traveling to the resort of your choice. VNA's leisure clients count on our Jetstream 31s to transport groups such as college alumni attending weekend out-of-town games and families to and from reunions or vacation destinations.
Other charter operators and corporations throughout the United States regard Vee Neal Aviation as the only choice for cost-effective large group transportation, whether it is a one-time trip or a regularly scheduled company shuttle.


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